What is Alimony/Maintenance?

In the State of Wisconsin, alimony is now called maintenance. Alimony means that one party to a marriage is requesting that the other party pay a portion of their income to supplement the income of the other party. There are a number of statutory factors the Court reviews when one person requests alimony/maintenance from the other party in a divorce, but perhaps the two most important considerations are the length of the marriage and the disparity between the party’s incomes. Other factors that are considered are the earning potential of each party, the health of the parties, whether one person stayed home and cared for the children while the other worked, whether either party obtained additional educational degrees during the marriage, and the property division in the parties divorce.

Alimony/maintenance is the second most contested issue in divorce cases, trailed only by issues concerning children. Alimony/maintenance issues can be quite complex, as there is no set formula for the court to apply in an alimony/maintenance case, like there is in a child support matter. The amount and length of maintenance is solely up to the Court’s discretion if the parties cannot reach an agreement.

It is important be represented by an experienced divorce attorney who is familiar with all the nuances of family law when dealing with alimony/maintenance matters. At BASILIERE, THOMPSON, BISSETT, CASTONIA & SWARDENSKI LLP., we have handled countless alimony/maintenance cases. We are familiar with both the law, as well as the Judges perspective on maintenance after practicing before them for years. We can provide quality legal representation on these issues with knowledge, experience and confidence. If you are seeking a Family lawyer or divorce attorney, please contact us for a consultation.

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