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Can I Work If I Receive SSDI/SSI?

The answer is yes. Social Security regulations were specifically drafted to encourage people to attempt to work. When a person is receiving Social Security Disability benefits, they may work making no more than $810.00 gross income per month, without losing their monthly disability benefits. In addition, those who receive Social Security Disability benefits are granted […]


People are often confused on what governmental programs are available to them if they can no longer work. The Social Security Administration offers two programs which provide financial assistance to the disabled. These programs are called Social Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). SSDI is offered to people who have worked and […]

What is Alimony/Maintenance?

In the State of Wisconsin, alimony is now called maintenance. Alimony means that one party to a marriage is requesting that the other party pay a portion of their income to supplement the income of the other party. There are a number of statutory factors the Court reviews when one person requests alimony/maintenance from the […]

What is Probate?

Upon a person’s death, their outstanding debts must be satisfied and their assets must be distributed and administered by the Courts of the State they reside in. Assets are disbursed according to the deceased person’s Will, if they have one. If they do not, their assets are divided according to the Laws of Intestate Succession, […]

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning means creating legal documents to assist individuals with their finances and health care during their lifetime, and to also create documents which specify how a person’s assets and debts are distributed upon death. Everyone has an estate plan according to the state they reside in that is mandated by statute. Without the creation […]


Bankruptcy is a federal legal process which allows a debtor to eliminate some, if not all of their existing debts, in an effort to start fresh financially. There are assets which a party is allowed to retain, despite their bankruptcy filing. There are different types of bankruptcy which you may be eligible for. An attorney […]

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving is a serious offense. In Wisconsin, a first offense violation for drunk driving (sometimes referred to as a DUI or OWI) is considered non-criminal, except in extraordinary circumstances, such as having a minor child in the vehicle at the time of the offense. All second and subsequent offenses for drunk driving are regarded […]

Social Security Disability (SSDI) v. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

People are often confused about what federal programs are available to them if they develop a disability. The Social Security Administration offers two programs to those who suffer from a disability. These programs both provide financial assistance to a person with a disability. (SSI), otherwise known as Supplemental Security Income, is a poverty based program […]