Social Security

What is the difference between social security disability and social security income?

Both social security and social security disability income are programs offered through the federal government for people whom are unable to work due to medical conditions. The process for receiving benefits under either program is the same, however at the law firm of Basiliere, Thompson, Bissett, Castonia and Swardenski, we only represent disabled persons requesting social security disability benefits. Social Security Disability works very much like an insurance program, and in fact is regarded as one. The amount of the monthly benefit you will receive is based upon your earnings and years of worked paying social security taxes. If you meet the medical criteria for either program you may qualify for these benefits, as well as free federally subsidized medical insurance.

What can a social security lawyer do?

You are not entitled to retain an attorney in your disability case until you have applied for social security disability and been denied twice. After two denials, you are entitled to retain representation and to a new hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Upon receiving your second denial, it is time to meet with a social security lawyer. They will review your health conditions and file the appropriate appeals paperwork to review and update all you medical records and be in contact with your medical providers. They will prepare evidence for your hearing, including preparing you and any potential witnesses for the testimony you will give to the Judge at the time of your hearing. Your attorney will also make arguments to the Judge as to why you should be regarded as disabled in accordance with federal social security guidelines.

How can I afford a social security lawyer?

In accordance with social security regulations, if you choose to hire a lawyer to represent you in the social security disability matter, the lawyer is paid on a contingency fee basis out of the past due benefits you are entitled to. Federal regulations state an attorney may be paid 25% of your past due benefits, or no more than $6,000.00 from your past due benefits. Therefore, if an attorney accepts your case, they are only paid if you win your lawsuit. One of the attorneys at our firm will meet with you to discuss your case at a free initial consultation.

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